Know your IP Address and Location


Know Your IP Address and the Location



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What is an IP Address:

An IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) is the unique identification address of the Computer, connected to the Internet.  It is something like the addresses given to our home and offices to uniquely identify them, so that they can be referred by the address.

Who assign the IP Address:

The IP Address is assigned by the ISP (Interne Service Provider), who provides the internet services to you. There are 2 type of IP Addresses, one is Dedicated IP Address and another is Dynamic IP Address. A Dedicated IP Address always remain same and does not change when you disconnect and reconnect your Computer to the Internet. The Dynamic IP Address is different Every time you connect to the Internet. But in both of the cases, Dynamic IP and Dedicated IP, they are unique across the world, until you are connected to internet.

How we identify your IP Address:

When you open any website on the internet, your browser sends the request to the web server, where the website is hosted, the request does contain the IP Address of your machine, the request is originating from. When you open in your browser, our program code analyse your request and find out your IP address from the request. The same IP Address is displayed to you.



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